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Hello, I'm the Doctor. I'm sure you've heard of me. My home planet's long gone, but the Earth is my second home. I can't resist someone in need, and I used to have a certain fondness for human beings.

I may be the one to come to for help, but you can't always count on it. I've been known to be an ass, and frankly, I'm the best there is. Doctor, that is. Not ass.

 extra-terrestrial(s) of sorts

earthgirldonna replied to your post: *prepares a couple of sandwiches and goes to sit…

Hey, there. *Walks up beside him, leaning up against the TARDIS.* Room for one more?

*stares up at her, subconsciously pulling his coat around his torso, and nods* Of course, Donna.

*scoots over on the blanket, patting for her to sit* Want a sandwich? Made them myself.